About Ardsley Reservoir

Sometimes known as Tingley Reservoir, East West Ardsley Reservoir or West Ardsley Reservoir due to its location between Tingley, Woodkirk, and East Ardsley, Ardsley Reservoir is one of Yorkshire Water's many reservoirs. Looking out over Emley Moor, at 120 acres it is used to provide the area with drinking water, as well as the nearby Coca Cola plant.

The reservoir is unusual as it is not fed by rivers and streams, rather it holds water delivered from other sources. The water has travelled sometimes as far as Ripponden and Barnsley!

If you are looking to drive and park near Ardsley Reservoir, we recommend using the free car park onsite. The postcode is WF3 1EE, then is is only a short walk to the reservoir.

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Things to Do

There is a trail that is used for hiking, walking and running that circles the reservoir measuring 2.6 kilometers. It is also the perfect spot for exploring with young children, and very pushchair friendly.

Several exercise groups use Ardsley Reservoir, such as Woodkirk Valley Wolves and Monday Movers.

Although it looks like a great place for a summer dip, swimming is not permitted due to the strong undercurrent.

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The reservoir has its own car park, and dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead. The path around the reservoir is wheelchair friendly, but be aware that if it has rained there may be puddles.

There are also bins dotted around, to make it easy to keep the area as clean as it can be.

Amenities at Ardsley Reservoir

Food and Drink

Although there is nowhere to get food or drink at the reservoir, there are several places a short distance away.

  • Beans coffee shop is a great place to grab a snack
  • Hare and Hounds Pub in Tingley has a beer garden for those summer afternoons.
  • The British Oak only a short walk away is dog friendly

Nothing like a walk, followed by some grub and a drink to end the day!

Food and drink near Ardsley Reservoir


Made in 1880, Ardsley reservoir is fed mainly from upland reservoirs in Ryburn Valley. However following the 1995 drought an emergency feed was created linking the reservoir to underground aquifers in the east.

During World War 2, trees were cut down from the surrounding areas and placed across the reservoir to stop seaplanes landing.

The reservoir was around long enough to see Ardsley change and grow. It could definitely tell a few tales.

History of Ardsley Reservoir